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- New Agent

Gina just signed with Culture Creative Entertainment.

-The Unicorn

Gina is now a writer on CBS' The Unicorn.

- Murphy Brown

Gina is now a writer on the revival of Murphy Brown.

- Disney Channel

Gina recently got staffed on Disney's Bunk'd.

- New Manager

Gina just signed with Sheree Guitar Entertainment.

- B.A.B.E Squad

Gina and frequent collaborator, Haley Mancini, just released their first graphic novel, in March 2019!

- Regular Show

Gina is now a staffed writer on the Emmy-winning Cartoon Network show, Regular Show.

-Knowing is Half the Podcast

Gina is now the cohost of the nostalgic, comedy podcast about the 1980s cartoon, GI Joe.


- Doctor Who Live

The popular, LA based improv group, "Doctor Who Live," just officially added Gina to their roster as a performer.


Writing Resume

Acting Resume



The Unicorn

Murphy Brown


Hacking High School

Regular Show

Powerpuff Girls

Yahoo TV

Paper Dolls

The Morning After

UCB Comedy Originals




The Cop Chronicles: Loose Cannons: The Legend of the Haj-Mirage

FairyTale Therapy - Web Series

The Worst Year of My Life - Film

Raptor Raptor - Web Series

If Robots Couldn't Do The Robot Dance - College Humor Original

Boston Jury Duty - Video Short




Yahoo TV

Our Robocop Remake

If Robots Couldn't Do The Robot Dance




If D.A.R.E Made A Horror Film


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