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B.A.B.E. Squad

BABE Squad - cover.jpg

Written by Haley Mancini & Gina Ippolito

Illustrated by Melissa Ballesteros Parada

Sasha Von Winterfeldt, Rachel Goldenblatt, Mariska Knufle, and B.B. were just struggling models with a dream. That is, until someone lured them to the highest catwalk in the world with the promise of elevating them to supermodel status if they could walk it. Once there, however, they were pushed off the catwalk into a vat of radioactive furs, transforming them into half human, half animal mutants -- the sexiest half human, half animal mutants the world has ever seen!

Now they are...The B.A.B.E. Squad. Their lives have definitely changed--they mostly fight crime, since that's what they're built for, but they're still models trying to make ends meet in the big city of Beatsburgh. And they’re hot on the trail of the mysterious man or woman responsible for the recent rise of crime in town...some say it’s a former model...of the SUPER caliber…

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